REAP HRDP sigFinal conversion of the Garnavillo Historical Society’s newspapers for online viewing has been completed, supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa’s Historical Resource Development Program. The following titles are available on the Garnavillo Advantage Web Link:

• Garnavillo Observer 1964-1965
• Garnavillo Tribune 1910-1932 (in 1932 became part of the Guttenberg Press)
Go to Guttenberg Advantage Link to view the Garnavillo Tribune after 1932
• Garnavillo Independent 1907 (Fire destroyed Garnavillo office in 1907)
• Garnavillo Sentinel & The Clayton Picket 1893 – 1897
• Clayton County Journal 1859-1889
• Clayton County Herald 1853-1857 (First paper in Clayton County. Published in Garnavillo.)
• Nord Iowa Herold 1916 (German-English Newspaper)

There are gaps in the collections – not all issues are available for all years for all papers.

Additional issues and additional Clayton county & city newspapers may be found under the following area website links:

Historical Photos & More
Visit “Browse Collections,” “Places,” “Garnavillo Historical Photographs” for area photographs of Garnavillo, Ceres, Clayton and National communities. This is a joint project between the Garnavillo Public Library and Garnavillo Historical Society.

Additional resources such as plat maps, school and church records, assessor records, day books, scrapbooks, photographs, and more are available at the Garnavillo Museum and Garnavillo Public Library for your research needs.

Research Additional Quick Links
Garnavillo Public Library
Clayton County Genealogical Society on Facebook
Iowa Heritage Digital Collections
City of Garnavillo
City of Garnavillo on Facebook

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