2022 Calendars Focus on Historic Main Street Garnavillo

Did you know there were multiple fires on Main Street Garnavillo destroying historic businesses? What buildings are standing that date back to 1860 or further? Where was the Stetter and Tangeman Photograph Gallery located? Where was Garnavillo’s ballroom? Find the answers to these questions and learn more about the town of Garnavillo, Iowa in the 2022 Historical Calendar published by the Garnavillo Historical Society. (See an earlier news post (April 2021) on this site for how Garnavillo got its name.)

The 2022 calendar focuses on scenes, businesses, and buildings along Garnavillo’s main street in the 1880s through the 1940s. The calendar is not just historical photographs with captions but provides additional history on the businesses that occupied those buildings as well. Some of the buildings in the calendar still stand today, while others have been replaced by newer buildings or vacant lots. But the photos provide evidence that Garnavillo was a bustling business town in its earlier days.

Garnavillo Main Street Looking North after the fire.

Calendars are available for purchase at the Garnavillo Community Savings Bank, Library or Corner Shoppe or from the Garnavillo Historical Society. Cost is $10.00. Calendars can be mailed for no additional cost. Only a limited number are printed. Get yours while they last.

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