Thank you UMGC for “Air Conditioning!”

Spending time in the Garnavillo Museum is now a lot more comfortable for visitors and workers, and the exhibits, documents and artifacts, thanks in part to a grant received last fall from the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation. The Garnavillo Historical Society received a $10,000 grant toward the project of installing new ductwork and a new furnace on the main floor, moving the old furnace to the basement and adding air conditioning. The HVAC work was completed by Meyer Mechanical of Dyersville. The wood work to cover the new ductwork was completed by Creative Woodworking (Wille Lough) of Elkader/Garnavillo.

New Ductwork at Museum

The ductwork and furnaces were completed in December allowing the museum volunteers to work at organizing and arranging exhibits during the winter months. Plus having the furnace in the basement this spring was a real plus. We had water in the basement during the quick thaw and were able to crank up the furnace, drying it out in no time.

Society Board Members stand beside
newly installed air conditioning unit.

Installation of the air conditioning was completed prior to opening for the regular summer season, and has been put to good use with the hot humid summer days we’ve been having. The cooler and less humid environment is so much better for both people and objects! Otherwise the building bricks would heat up like an oven despite all the fans that were running.

Many positive comments have been heard by those visiting the museum and working at the museum. The more comfortable conditions have benefited small groups such as the Clayton County Genealogical Society and Clayton County Historical Preservation Board for meetings scheduled at the museum. We are so grateful to our contractors, our supporters, and to the UMGC for helping us make this happen!

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