Student Works on Sherman Collection

Brenna Hildebrand, UNI, with some of Althea Sherman’s works.

UNI student, Brenna Hildebrand of Pella, spent a weekend at the Garnavillo Museum in early March sorting and organizing paintings, drawings and sketches of Althea Sherman.  She catalogued 112 individual items in the Garnavillo museum’s archives, creating an inventory listing and pictorial inventory.  Brenna’s visit to Garnavillo was part of a field experience unit for sophomore history students involving 15 volunteer hours.  The majority of the work Brenna did on-site at the museum, but there was some follow-up and research work completed remotely.  “We were so fortunate that Brenna was able to be onsite before changes were implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Jane Thein.  “She provided excellent help on this large project. As a result, we are planning to display more of Althea’s work at the museum.”  Brenna was satisfied with her work experience as well, “I feel really good about my experience at the Garnavillo museum. Garnavillo was a very nice place to be. Even the people I met at lunch were friendly. I learned a lot working there and it inspired me to seek out work at my local historical society.”  Jane Thein, Garnavillo Historical Society board member, was Brenna’s project supervisor.  UNI Professor Barbara Cutter manages and coordinates the UNI History Field Experience program. Additional works of Althea Sherman are in the State Historical Society of Iowa’s collections at Search on “Althea Rosina Sherman.”

One of Althea’s paintings.

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