New Signage for Historical Garnavillo Buildings

New signs have been installed at the Log Cabin, Lodge Hall and Garnavillo Museum. The signs briefly highlight the historical significance of each building. They also indicate whether or not the building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Many people visit Garnavillo on days and at times when the Museum is not open. Historical Society Board members thought these signs, telling a little about the history of the buildings, would be of help to sightseers and other visitors to Garnavillo as well as local residents.

Historical Society Board members worked with Fusion of Guttenberg in the design of the frames and with Autotek for the signs and content.

Board members Lanny Kuehl, with help from his grandsons, and David Beck made sure the signs and posts were properly installed. The Society is grateful for the donation that covered the cost of the frames.

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