New Sign Graces Prairie Winds Garden Fence

It was time for a new sign on the front fence of the Prairie Winds Garden in Garnavillo to replace the white “Public Garden” sign.     Originally a large sign was created for the garden from an old iron hay fork and was hung on the side of the house that used to stand on the corner lot.  That sign still exists and can be found in the back of the garden identifying the area.  However, due to its weight it hadn’t hung long on the wood fences in the back of the garden.  So it was decided to hang a replica of the original sign on the front wrought iron fence.  The sign was created by Sheryl Bahls of AutoTek Graphic Design, Guttenberg to replicate the original.    Carol DeSotel and Jon McElderry, directors of the Garnavillo Historical Society, took advantage of a sunny day to hang the sign.

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