Garnavillo Museum Looking Forward to 2021

As everyone will attest to – 2020 was an unusual year.  The Garnavillo Museum did not open for visitors in 2020 due to the pandemic which also delayed completion of some projects. But projects did finally get completed and more are planned.  The log cabin will start off 2021 with a new log on the west side, courtesy of Grau Lumber.  Neal Lambright & Lee Lenth removed the old log and installed the new in tight quarters due to the new rain garden on the west side of the cabin.  The museum goes into 2021 with new tuckpointing all around (made possible by a UMGC 2019 grant), new paint around the windows, new black out shades inside the museum, new sliding glass doors on many of the exhibit cases (made possible by the Clayton County Foundation for the Future & Aureon), and a new exhibit on Althea Sherman.  Additional plans are underway to update the photography exhibit, create some new display arrangements in the basement, restore the museum bell platform and continue work on the log cabin.  The Historical Society appreciates all the support they receive to make these projects possible.

Museum Tuckpointing Outcome

The Garnavillo Historical Society looks forward to serving you in 2021.  Like us on facebook. Calendars for 2021 are still available at the Community Savings Bank, Corner Shoppe and Garnavillo Library.

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