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Porcelain Photo Plate of the historic Garnavillo Turner Hall
Built 1870 on north Main Street. The addition in the back far right was added in 1873 and had previously housed the Methodist church.  The Hall and adjacent Turner Park were for years the civic center of Garnavillo. The building was demolished in 1959. Cost $5.00 plus shipping & handling.

Historical Garnavillo Area Photo Calendars
Annual Supply Limited
$10.00 donation plus shipping & handling.

“Garnavillo Iowa Gem of the Prairie History 10,000 B.C. to 1876 A.D” Book
Researched and prepared by Arnold D. and Laverne E. Roggman. Published 1988 by Sutherland Printing Company, Inc. Montezuma, IA. Copyright 1988 Garnavillo Historical Society, Garnavillo, Iowa 52049.     574 pages. Cost: $40.00 plus shipping & handling

Maps – Black & White copies 

Crosby Clayton County Map of 1856. Includes information from Census of 1856
County is marked off into Townships with section numbers. No owner names.
Size: 21 ½ inches x 25 inches.
Cost: $5.00 plus shipping & handling

Garnavillo Township Map showing first landowners from 1841-1858
Size 16 inches x 24 inches
Cost $5.00 plus shipping & handling